Ninja Heroes

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A fun RPG in the Naruto universe


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Ninja Heroes is an RPG set in the Naruto universe where players can train their own ninjas to face dozens of enemies. Even though you start the game with Naruto, you can recruit more than 100 different characters along the way (some from the series and others not).

Ninja Heroes' combat system is very simple – so simple that players just have to look at the battles while they unfold. Luckily, in these spectacular battles you can see each character launch the same special attacks as in the original anime.

In between battles, you can keep yourself busy in the ninja village. Train your ninjas to learn new techniques and improve their attributes, try to get more ninjas to join your group, or change the lineup of your attack team.

Ninja Heroes is an entertaining RPG with outstanding graphics that will obviously appeal to Naruto fans. Not only does it include the anime characters but also their special techniques and a couple of iconic landscapes from the series, all encased in outstanding graphics.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher